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Happy Hours  to 18:00 – EVERY DAY!

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Tank Tyskie – 6PLN

Two beers in price for one! – EVERY DAY!

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Realisation coupons from leaflet …ze HO HO! handing out on the city.

Vouchers for beer! – EVERY DAY

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5 beers + 6’th FREE! Tank Tyskie
vouchers you can buy in our local …że HO HO!
Coupons from vouchers are realize, by quests without cash on bar!

1 liter Beer for 10 PLN – Monday

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Every Monday …ze HO HO! Tank Tyskie!
Offer full day ( 9:00 am – to last customer)

Grant’s shot for 6PLN – WEDNESDAY

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Every Wednesday, lower price Grants, discount for other strong alcohol.
Reservation tables for country – FREE!
Club’s limousine for country Free! (possibility to transport guests to the club from selected place in the Warsaw, longer tour – surcharge, FOR MORE INFO CALL: +48 600 91 11 10)

Bottle 0,5 liter for 60PLN– FROM SUNDAY TO THURSDAY

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5 days of week – lower price for beer’s  bottle

FREE voucher for pool!

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There is a possibility to win voucher for poll – in club’s contest.
Voucher for 10 enters on outdoor pool „Kora”on Warsaw, Goclaw.
more info contest’s coming soon!